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A nonprofit scholarly enterprise founded in 1890, the University of Pennsylvania Press is a small institution within the larger University of Pennsylvania community and is for the most part financially self-supporting, relying on revenue earned from the sale and licensing of its publications to defray more than 85 percent of its operating expenses.

Works with the elevated intellectual and literary qualities prized most by the Press may reward and enlighten the reader, yet they seldom enrich their publisher. Since often the best, most important, and most enduring scholarly books never sell in numbers sufficient to recover their costs of publication, university presses of all sizes depend on philanthropic gifts, outside grants, and endowment funding to supplement their publishing income and maintain their operations. The University of Pennsylvania Press needs your help in meeting the continuing challenge of fulfilling its mission to advance knowledge. Gifts in all amounts are welcome, all are tax-deductible, and all qualify as gifts to the University of Pennsylvania.

Follow this link to a list of recent benefactors.

Endowment, quasi-endowment, and unrestricted funds

Gifts to the Press's endowment funds are invested in full as part of the University's permanent endowment and are intended to support designated programs in perpetuity. Amounts available for spending are determined under a formula established by the University's board of trustees that balances the desire for current income with the need to protect longterm value. Quasi-endowment funds are restricted in use by agreement with the donors, while unrestricted funds may be allocated at the discretion of Press management to meet operational or project-specific needs. Established funds are these:

Click here to make an online contribution by credit card to any of the first three of these funds (the last is closed to additional donations).

Program-area endowments

Though the Press's editors have been successful in locating subsidies to make feasible publication of particular projects with extraordinary financial requirements, this process tends to prolong uncertainty over publication and invariably deflects our editors from their true role—seeking manuscripts rather than money. Program-area endowment funds will enable us to supplement this hand-to-mouth search for individual grants with something more reliable, to ensure the future of our program in areas to which we are committed and in which we need ongoing support.

The Press seeks endowment support for any of the subject areas or book series in which we publish actively. Named funds can be created with a gift of $150,000 or more.

For additional information about donating to an existing endowment or establishing a new fund, please contact:

Mary Francis, Director
University of Pennsylvania Press
3905 Spruce Street
Philadelphia PA 19104

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