Penn in the News

Squash — October 14, 2015

An article co-authored by Michael Kearns of the School of Engineering and Applied Science about networks of squash players is featured.

Huffington Post — October 13, 2015

Adam Grant of the Wharton School is cited for studying the importance of giving in an organization.

Project Syndicate — October 13, 2015

Daniel Wagner of the Graduate School of Education pens an op-ed on what can be learned from Pope Francis’ visit to the United States.

Chemical and Engineering News — October 12, 2015


The Penn Center for Innovation and its creation of more than 100 companies on its own and through its five-year-old company creation program, Upstart, are cited.

Wired — October 12, 2015

Mark Liberman from the Linguistic Data Consortium is quoted on the pitfalls of relying on technology when studying language.

New York Times — October 12, 2015

Charlene Wong of the Perelman School of Medicine says, “With the rise of narrow networks, it is increasingly important for consumers to have provider-lookup tools so they can see which plans included their preferred doctors and hospitals.”

“Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — October 12, 2015

Mitchell Orenstein of the School of Arts & Sciences talks about why Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict and what that means for America and the region. — October 12, 2015

Scott Harrington of the Wharton School writes about the demise of Health Republic Insurance Company of New York.

Philadelphia Inquirer — October 11, 2015

Erin Aakhus of the Perelman School of Medicine pens an op-ed about ethical conflicts in patient treatment. 

New York Times — October 11, 2015

Adolph Reed of the School of Arts & Sciences is quoted about the fundamentally conservative and sexist nature of the Million Man March, 20 years later.

Yahoo! News — October 11, 2015

Corinne Low of the Wharton School comments on collaboratively creating a curriculum that teaches girls in Zambia how to negotiate with their parents for an education.

“Marketplace” — October 9, 2015

Kenneth Shropshire of the Wharton School comments on New York Mets staff and salary decisions.

Chicago Tribune — October 8, 2015

Shaun Harper of the Graduate School of Education is highlighted for his research and how it influenced the Male Success Initiative.

CNBC — October 8, 2015

Research co-authored by Laura Huang of the Wharton School that finds male entrepreneurs are more likely to secure venture capital funding than women is cited.

Philadelphia Business Journal — October 8, 2015

Anna Papageorge of Facilities & Real Estate Services says, “The Pennovation Works site will create and sustain a community of entrepreneurs and innovators who will translate new ideas and research into products, ventures and services that will transform the city, the region and the world.”

Philadelphia Inquirer — October 7, 2015


Josh Klein and Eugene Beier of the School of Arts & Sciences are highlighted for being a part of a group of researchers who helped design and build high-tech particle detectors and analyzed results.

Quartz — October 7, 2015

Dean Vijay Kumar of the School of Engineering and Applied Science comments on how flying robots are programmed to figure things out.

Washington Monthly — October 7, 2015

President Amy Gutmann writes about the impact the 21st Century Cures Act can have on biomedical research and history.

Wall Street Journal — October 7, 2015

Christopher Geczy of the Wharton School says, “The tension between profit and social purpose may not be as pronounced as people suggest.”

Nature — October 7, 2015

Jonathan Baron of the School of Arts & Sciences and Uri Simonsohn of Arts & Sciences and the Wharton School are quoted.